Saturday, February 21, 2009

dearly beloved...

at approximately 11:45am today, Saturday, February 21st, 2009, the
green pony was pronounced dead. or rather, in the even empathetic
words of the BikeStop employee: throw it in the trash. yes, after
fewer than three short weeks in my care and one busted tire, some
unknown and osstensibly essential part broke in the green pony and
caused it's departure from this earth. the green pony's advanced age,
over 30 years old apparently, rendered a replacement piece impossible.
the fall of communism in yugoslavia took with it a great many things,
including, apparently, the green pony replacement factory. so for
those of you rathered worried that I may meet my untimely death
adventuring around town with the green pony, may your hearts be
gladdened that a different sacrificial lamb has been chosen. may you
rest in peace, dear green pony (and may my bus fare not break the bank).

yours, amy


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